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I am building an application with user access.
To have a profile, the user must register via a form and to avoid asking twice for the email address, I get it automatically with the special value user’s email address.
The problem is that the email address is registered in the profile sheet as soon as the user connects to the application. However, she should only register if he validates the registration form.
I do not know what has changed, but before I managed to do it without problem.
Now I find myself with two lines, the first with an email address only and the other data is empty, the second with all the data from the form.
Can somebody help me please ?

if using a form it creates a new row which is not linked to the current user
you need to create a tab called my profile in a details layout which is filtered by email is signed in user then allow users to edit then thats it

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You can try the way advised above, or create a “Sign-in” tab which serves as a fake form, let’s say you want their name and image then create entry components for that, then add a button that goes with an increment action for the column below.

Create a user-specific column, let’s say “ProfileDone?”, show the Sign-in tab when ProfileDone is not 1, and other tabs when ProfileDone is 1.

First time users will always have to go pass the Sign-in tab.


Just to help you understand, when User Profiles are enabled, it will write a new row for that user with their email the very first time they sign in. Forms will always write a new row when submitted. If you are using both ‘user profiles’ and ‘forms’ to get user information, then of course it’s going to write 2 or more rows for that same user. Ultimately what you need to do is either stop using user profiles (I wouldn’t)…or stop using a form to write a new record and instead edit the existing record that glide created for you.


Hello Guys,

Thx for your answers.
I create a new tab for users and it solves the problem.
Thx a lot !