Special value "User's email" isn't working

In my profile form, I have the special value “User’s email” which was working fine, but today it shows an error “another component is already writing to this column”. When the form is submitted, the email column is left blank. This messes up all the relations later because they are all based on email. Is this a bug?

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Let’s see a screenshot.

@Errcomp : I just used that feature (e-mail as special column on form) today and it’s working for me. Are you sure two components in the form aren’t writing to the e-mail field?

Above is a screen shot of the form after I replaced the special value component with a simple text entry component. It’s still getting the same red highlight. When I scroll through all the components, there are no others marked red, and no other components writing to the email column.

Okay good to know its working. I just checked this morning and still the same error. I also checked again if any other component is writing to the Email column, and none are.

Do you have user profiles turned on? Is it possible that your form and the user profile feature are both writing to the same email column in the same sheet?

@Errcomp Could you share that app, please, and tell me how exactly to get to that screen with the red marker?

Yes, user profiles is turned on. The other issue happening is when this profile form is submitted the email field is blank. Could it be that the special value and the user profile both were writing to the same column and causing it to show as blank? Going to test that…

Here is the share link: https://sfa-test-app.glideapp.io/

Go ahead and log in. A button appears to complete your profile. Complete and submit the form. Upon completion, it should take you to the profile detail page to show you the information you just entered in the form, but it does not. This is because the form’s special value is not pushing the user’s email address to the profile tab from the form. Note, the form is sending data to the profile tab, which is set up as a user profile.

The point I was getting at, is why would you be letting glide write a row to the profile sheet through the user profiles sheet (once they sign in), but then also write another row to the same sheet through the profile form? At that point you should be editing the automatically created row instead of creating another row. My only thought was that maybe there is a conflict because the form would be writing to the email column, which glide already auto fills through the user profiles feature. Just a guess, but not sure.

After logging into the app I think it’s a case of double rows for the user profiles tab as you and me have seen on the forum many times.

Clearly the user email has been recorded as the pencil button shows.



And the form looks like it’s writing another row.


However I have not seen a case with a warning like this.

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Definitely a bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting it!

I see, so because user profile is on, when a user first signs up, that creates a row in the user profile sheet. I didn’t know that. I actually created a profile tab and form when I initially built the app, and later discovered the user profile function. So I need to just have new users set up their profile using the pencil. Thanks!

Or is the issue that I am trying to write to the email field and user profile is turned on?

Since Mark said it’s a bug, the combination of user profiles and forms shouldn’t cause the red error, but you will end up with duplicate rows which will cause issues later on. Yes, the pencil is the easiest way to go. Another alternative is a link to screen button that links to the profile sheet in details view and where the screen is filtered by signed in user. There’s a few options to do it, but just be aware of the duplicate rows issue.

It’ll be fixed later today. Apologies for the trouble.

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