Special Value Mail / ID from User random behavior

Describe the bug:

Special Value (mail, ID, Name) from User Profile not working properly. Alreay read this article, that report similar bug but no solution describe… Thanks for your help!

Expected behavior:

  • What should happen?

Value Mail / ID from User Profile is the same everytime.

How to replicate:

  • Create a new form: Add Special value mail (john@doe.fr) from User to add it in a Created by columns. Results in the Created by Columns: “g.boudon@titan.co

  • Setting / User & authentification : Informations (mail, name) not equal User info in Data.

Random error. Working properly in some form: Client

Link to demo recording:

I think something is off with how you’re setting up that form. If you want to record the email of the signed-in user, it should look like this.


Can you show us where you add that “Email” column from? You don’t even have g.boudon@titan.co as an email in your user profiles table, it seems.

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Thanks for your reply ThinhDinh, I just realized my stupid mistake. I cleaned all my Data to test my app but I didn’t change the “View as user” so I viewed the app as a delete user and show me old data that wasn’t in my Data User collection. Thanks

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So has your issue been solved? Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Everything is solved! Thanks

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