Show email automatically in table

I could not find in the docs nor in the forum the answer to this easy question:

How to show email of a user in my table or google sheet when he/she sends a form without showing him/her the email field ?

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In your form add a component in the special values section the User’s email address


and create a column ( Column type - Email) to store that user email and set that column to that special value(user’s email address). Then when a user submit something through the form you can see that user email in that created column.

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Yes. It is the solution :grinning:
I noticed it does not work with users who register with Google Login.
I guess l need to warn or even to prevent the sending of the form if the user did not register with the app own process.
Am I wrong or is there another solution for that ?

Also, I noticed the emails are displayed only in the @Owner Column but the new Email Column remains empty. Is it normal?

Can you send a screenshot? For the user’s email address did you choose the owner column?

Hmm I also test this and something that a wrong email is storing.

Can anyone tell how to solve ?

Finally I found it (for second post) it seems I do not need to create a new column since when add user’s email component it takes @owner par default.

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Oh I see. I’m happy you have solved it :blush: