Cannot understand the workings for User Profiles


I have the following setup;

  1. Public with Sign In setup
  2. Home tab is against a sheet User Profiles with Email/FullName/Profile Completed and other columns
  3. Home tab has a form button “Complete your Profile”
  4. Clicking on button takes you to form which asks you to enter “Full Name”.
  5. Enter Full Name and Submit.
  6. Now if you look at the sheet, I see 2 rows in User Profiles tab, one with the user email column set and one with the full name set.

Let’s say I remove all entry fields from the form, basically empty form and click on Submit, I’ll still see a row in the User Profiles tab with the email.

I can’t understand what the default behavior is with regards to the User Profiles… so unable to get it to behave as I want.

Any help appreciated!


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Okay, I think I figured it out :sweat_smile: I thought I had gone through this video thoroughly, but guess not.

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Yes, please avoid the form. Just do a link to screen via a button. Loads of threads on this you will find on this forum.


Found another good example of setting this up at Our Chores v1.0: An app that lets you manage and track your child(ren)'s chores.