Copyable: A Tribute To Chadwick Boseman & The World Of Randomness

Hi Gliders, it has been a while since I shared my last tutorial and I plan to do this once in a while, so here’s my next one.

You can view my previous post here:

Techniques used in this app:

  • Tab visibility for sign up process
  • Random value from single value column to change image & quote on homepage
  • Combining multiple random values and use split text for gamification
  • Conditional visibility + Cloudinary for a quiz-like experience

App link:

For this post, I make an app to pay tribute to Mr. Chadwick Boseman, who sadly passed away at his home as a result of complications related to colon cancer on August 28, 2020, with his wife and family by his side.

Chadwick was a great inspiration for me and obviously for many people around the world. I was stunned to hear about his passing, and as an app maker, I want to make one that would be dedicated to him.

1. Sign up

Provides a sign-up tab for users and only when they fill required details they can get access to the other parts of the app.

2. Home


A random image and quote that would change by time using a single value column, alongside a sharing button to share the quote to other apps.

3. Quiz

A one-time quiz to provide cash for gamification, which uses Cloudinary & conditional visibility to provide a quiz-like experience. The 4 options you see here are actually 11 images in total, with additional action configuration (increment/none).

4. Profile & Card collection

Use an inline list to get a card layout for displaying user’s profile details.

Use a dynamic array to fill 7 rolling days in Sheets for the “daily free card” form, providing buffer time to let the dynamic array change and still getting the “today” value.

Use random value from single value column & template to join and let users purchase a random 2-card pack. Money going straight out from their “bank” account (given from the quiz).

Showing unique cards from last opened pack (using split text and relations). Display progress bar and cards collection at the bottom of the tab.

5. Tribute

Simply a tab to send tributes for Mr. Chadwick. Displaying last 3 submission via single value columns.

Thank you and have a nice week.


Thank you @ionamol for the quote idea, I ended up using the quotation marks character from here.


Amazing! Love the card pack :wink: :wink:


The randomness is killing me. I have only managed to hit 6/15 cards :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Are the packs working right? I bought 10 2-card packs and only have 2 unique cards.

The cloudinary image buttons are awesome. I’ll need to see how you did that. Did you use CSS to make the images smaller than 3:1?


Nevermind…I copied and peeked at the setup. So smart. That’s why you score 100% accuracy at Harvard logic problem competitions :slight_smile:


Congratulations @ThinhDinh, this is amazing and stunning! I can’t wait to play around with it - these concepts are so great. Thank you for all you give to the community! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Probably you’re looking at the “latest pack”. Your full list of cards is below and you should have more than me now, no? :rofl:

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Nope two cards.

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And now my bank is $-30? :frowning:

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Retook the quiz…seems to be working now.

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That’s strange. Not sure if it relates to the random value not being reset or not.

But consecutive entries with the same outcome is not what I expect :wink:

All in all, nice app—very tight and intuitive.


When the user gets to 15 before the creator :cry:


Thanks @ThinhDinh for sharing this gorgeous piece of software.

I agree with @Robert_Petitto. All in all, nice design and very intuitive.

The signin welcome screen hiding all the other tabs is a wonderful recipe which I’m using for asking user to select optional language in a bilingual app.

I’ll take a deep look at the rest of the features…


I love the quiz feature. A way to reset it and start again would be great.


The UX of your app @ThinhDinh is smooth, well done.


This is amazing @ThinhDinh! Great work!


Awesome work @ThinhDinh! Keep it up!

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Thanks a lot @ThinhDinh, how can I have a copy of this gem?

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