How do i know when a new users signup

If my app is public with email and Google sign in is enabled . How do i know if new users sign up for the app? Is there a way to add a row in a sheet for every new sign up?
Is there a place where I can see list of all users who signed up for the app?

I am still trying to understand the app and operating on a free plan.

If you have User Profiles configured, this will happen automatically.

Note that on a free plan, all user email addresses will be anonymised. If you need users “real” email addresses, then you need to explicitly ask your users to enter those (perhaps as part of an onboarding flow).

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Understood, and managed to set up, thank you(ofcourse anonymous emails for now)

(perhaps as part of an onboarding flow).

A onboarding flow as in take user to a form ? I am sorry , i could not yet find a way to create a standalone screen with instructions asking to enter the details in the form. From what i have seen in last 5 days, all screens are automatically created based on data in the sheet.

Is there a way to create an interstitial screen to ask users to fill their profile?

Copy and study both of these:


Complementing what @Darren_Murphy said, try this too.