๐Ÿ’Ž Gamify Glide Apps (Updated 2022-11-28 - Episode 11: Craft Items)

Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #1: Onboarding & User Profiles

Create your spreadsheet, design an onboarding experience, and set up user profiles!


Great idea with the swipe as the choice, like it :+1:

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Hi @Robert_Petitto great video. I wanted to ask do you maybe have one where an Admin has to approve the profile first before itโ€™s created?

I am building a hospital practice app and this was one of the requests and itโ€™s been killing me for a week now


@Robert_Petitto thank you for updating! I refer back to your videos often but with all the changes in Glide, that was getting harder to do. Much appreciated.

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This was another reason for the reboot. Wanted to create the series in the new editor.

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:scream: Sneak Peek of Episode 2:


Question about the swipe screen - do you find that people intuitively know to swipe without any instructions? I feel like I need to have some kind of visual cue. The kids you are interacting with probably get it, but not so much the older adults that are my app users.


You can certainly add instructions!


I like that!

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just following up on this

Iโ€™m thinking you can allow the onboarding process to happen (users can input whatever info that is needed for their profile), then add a boolean column โ€œApprovedโ€.

As an admin, you will have an inline checklist pointing to that Approved column. Only when you check that box those users can access the main tabs of the app.


Umm, whaaโ€ฆ

Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #2: Classes, Ranks and Progress Bars

Create your spreadsheet, design an onboarding experience, and set up user profiles!
also uses a FANTASTIC trick using Quickcharts to display a dynamic radial progress bar avatar!

Hereโ€™s the code you need for the Quickchart template mentioned in the video:

type: 'radialGauge',
  data: { datasets: [{ data: [*P], borderWidth:0,backgroundColor: '*C' }] },
  options: { 
trackColor: '#eee',
    centerPercentage: 93,
    centerArea: {
      fontSize: 1,
    plugins: {
      backgroundImageUrl: 'https://res.cloudinary.com/glide/image/fetch/w_500,h_500,c_fill,g_face,r_max,ar_1/c_pad,w_1000,h_600,f_auto/b_transparent/*I', 

:astonished: Sneek Peek Episode 3: Challenges!


Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #3: Challenges and Admin Approvals

Allow your users to complete challenges for XP and Gold rewards! Approve their challenges from an Admin screen. Use the Pires-Petitto trebuchet method to keep your sheet tidy and minimal!


Gamify Glide Apps Reboot #4: RANDOMLY Sorting Users into Guilds!

Create guilds (teams), configure the guilds screen, sort the screen by average guild XP to construct a guild leaderboard, randomly assign guilds to users during the onboarding process!

:gem:Grab a copy of this app by becoming a Glide VIP member! Robert Petitto - YouTube


Hello, how are you Roberto! I hope you are super well I am grateful I have learned a lot from your videos but I need help in this of the ranges that I get this message

Do you have data for all of the fields youโ€™re replacing?


Try https in the construct URL