How to add credit system?

I have built a client dashboard for my design agency, where client can check the progress and add new task with a form. Now I want to built a system where they are charged “X” on monthly basis and “X” is the credits they get. Every time a task is completed after revisions the credit should reduce but now we have different credit charges for different kinds of tasks, so how do I setup this whole thing?

It’s a bit complicated to explain in writing. While I don’t have a video specifically on this set up, a couple of the videos and my gamification series, might be able to help. Specifically the one on inventory and challenges.

My inventory video uses limits of how many inventory slots a user has.


I think the only different thing here is how you would add the logic to calculate the credit charge?

Then, it would just be a matter of rolling up the charge count and remove that from the total credits.

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