Rewards system based on amounts spent

Hello All

Glide newbie here! :slight_smile:

I am trying to create a rewards system, kinda like the Starbucks rewards where you get points based on amounts spent on products and/or services. I have got useful information from reading this thread around accumulating points:
(Update a cell with new points and they are added up in another cell). Even though I will need help with the formulas :slight_smile: I believe these accumulated points can be easily mapped to specified rewards which can then be redeemed in app as well.

Has anyone done this before that could share some insights on if this can be achieved e2e in glide?

Solution seems like it will involve:

  • Integration with a payment system not stripe but integrated via zapier. The app needs to know when a payment is made via the payment processor kinda like a webhook (I think!) and update the points based on amount spent ($1 = 2 points. When 100 points are accumulated, user is entitled to a coffee).
  • Redemption of points, either to use a service or to be used as a discount towards payments.

I appreciate any advice or help!



I to am looking for a feature like this! I create whitelabel apps for restaurants on this platform and one of my selling points is definitely a customer loyalty/rewards program. Whether it’s in the form of a stamp card or point system, i would like to know if this is currently available or is it considered for future releases?