Loyalty Program / Points

Has anyone successfully integrated a white label loyalty program into their Glide App to manage points and marketing? I was looking at a service like Voucherify.io. Would this be possible with Zapier?

Haven’t tried integrating one …I just build my own ;-). What were you looking to do?

I manage and rent vacation rentals. I maintain separate software that is my channel manager, website, etc.

On glide, I have my concierge App, which allows my guests to purchase alcohol delivery, chef delivery, taxi service, etc.

I’m looking to have a common point system that I can use between both platforms. I was thinking of using a white label loyalty platform.

For example, if you book a place, then I can give 15% back in points. Those points can be redeemed in my app on glide or on my booking software for a future stay.

Gotcha. As long as your loyalty platform can integrate with Google sheets (via zapier, integromat, etc.) then it can be done! I’d be happy to help. Have any promising leads regarding platform choice?