Connect my Glideapp to my website


I suppose that this question has been asked many times but I could not find it on the community.

I would like to know a good way to connect my Glideapp to my website.

I have created a property management app (for short term rentals) and I would like the bookings to upload to my app.
So far, I am doing it manually. It is ok if I do not have a handful of bookings but ultimately, I would like to automate the whole process.

Is there a way to do it?

I am using WordPress as a CMS if that can help.

Thanks for you help guys.

Depends what you’re using for bookings…is it a WP plugin? You’ll need to find something in Zapier that can write back to the sheet that populates the app.

@Robert_Petitto you are giving me to much credit.
I am using “caldera forms” for now.

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Looks like this is what you need:

Upon form submission, write the new submission to a new sheet called bookings that then appears in the app.


You save the day @Robert_Petitto . I will have a look at it.