Glide Desktop app for admin dashboard

The mobile app is great but in most of business cases, we need to have an admin dahsboard to manage the app from back end where we can have much more insights about the business.

Use case:

  1. For Company X, App XYZ is shared to all users. They use it and produce a lof ot user data. These data are synced in google sheets.

  2. X’s executives dont like mobile apps to manage everything as the real estate is less. They have company laptops where they want have dahsboards to manage their business.

    • this dassboard will have data (visualized or not) from the same Google sheets. Just like any full fledged admin dahsboards.

Does Glide have a solution for this? Or do you plan to add this feature?

For my case: i want to use Wordpress for the main website with a sub domain where i can manage all Glide app data. I checked some Google sheets integration with Wordpress to see if we can sync between both mobile app and the wordpress site. If anyone has implemented such examples, kindly share some ideas


The solution to date has been to create an Admin app in Glide. This app would point to the same spreadsheet as your main app, but you would incorporate various add and edit features for the administrator only. Yes the downside is that it is not a full screen app. There is a roadmap to change this, starting with optimization of screen real estate for tablet devices but I don’t know where that is on the timeline.


That is an interesting concept - create another app to do the admin. I can see how this would work but it’s a hack rather than solution. Glad to hear that it might be in the roadmap which I’m looking forward to seeing once it is published. Thanks

This is what I do. I build the WHOLE APP, or as close as I can get as an ADMIN app. Then I make a copy of the app and HIDE the admin tabs.

Usually I name the admin tabs with an * at the beginning. So the admin knows what tabs are for them only.

I find this easier to just HIDE the tabs later rather than to BUILD IN the tabs in another app.


Here is a thread with a comment where somebody mentioned using Google sites to build a dashboard with integrated sheet data. Might be worth checking out.

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Thanks, but think about these as pro apps you could potentially have two hosting costs involved. I would not want the URLs as and would want to white label the front screen. Also as the app develops you have then two apps to maintain.


As for the admin, what I did is to duplicate a tab where I want the admin to have edit ability and users not. I used query to make sure the duplicate always synced and then in the app created admin area where he can edit the relevant data.

As for Google site, it was my idea and I use it for customers dashboards. The only downside is that the in order to view it you have to have Google account

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Thanks yinon.

I will go with Wordpress as i have other works that need to be accomplished from wordpress cms. I will explore a way to build a page in WP and embed Google sheet data on it. Although i dont get to use the same components/widget from Glide… i will try to mimic as much as possible.

This is my plan… i have a lot to learn

Another idea for you.
Create the dashboard in Google site as the link to sheets already exist and than create iframe in your WP and embed the created dashboard in the WP.
I believe this will be easier than creating a connection from sheets to WP. BTW, if you do go with your plan as is than check zapier for the connection


I tried to embed glide app in Google Sites without success.
There are two ways to embed in Google Sites, by URL or by iframe. None worked for me, why? @Mark Can Glide advise?

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Glide is not iframe-embeddable at the moment, sorry.


When will be? is there any knowledge?

This is not on our current roadmap. What is your use case?

for Glide to make some sense!

Glide makes a lot of sense for quite a lot of people already. What is your specific case that requires iframe-embedding?


Chiming in on this as iFrame embedding would help me too.

I manage our staff Intranet and it would be helpful to embed some of the apps I’ve created onto pages of our site to allow for other content to be displayed alongside the app itself. For example, we store policies and procedures on our Intranet and I’ve created an app that is specific to some of those (provides added information and instructions that can be accessed through an app anywhere someone has their mobile phone). However, this information can (and is) also accessed by staff working at their computers and viewing our website content at the same time. The ideal situation would be to be able to embed the app onto a page in order to maintain links to other relevant content (links to other relevant pages/documents, etc.). I know that I can expand the app to include all this information, but it becomes very redundant and repetitive when the links could just be found on the page itself.

Without being able to embed the app on the page, I either have to provide a link to open the app in another browser window, or repeat the content of the app on the website’s page. Both of those options don’t provide the same seamless experience as having the app embedding on the page itself.


In your use case it seems that either the app has to be able to change what data is displayed in the rest of the page, or the other way around, right?

In my case, the app would be embedded on, for example, “ABC Policy” page. The app that is embedded has information related to ABC Policy. Navigating to another page of my website would navigate away from the app (obviously), but if I’m on the ABC Policy page, the app should be able to switch between its tabs, etc. and not just be a static image of the first page of the app. Not sure if that makes sense.

In the future, if deeplinking becomes possible with Glide, the embedded app could be configured to open on a specific tab for each page it is embedded on. This is just wishful thinking!

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with iFrame, for example, you can put a booking calendar with AirBnB!
I don’t have to tell you further what this job calendar shows and what its purpose is if you want your “job application, accommodation, experience”

@kyleheney In your use case it seems that either the app has to be able to change what data is displayed in the rest of the page, or the other way around, right?