Slide OS - An “OS” for mini no-code apps

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I decided to build something different with Glide, inspired by my “sandbox” app ( After a quick planning session and some design work, I have the first app done and 3 more coming soon. I won’t share the app just now because the login system is not ready (related email lists can cause some trouble and requires planning), but I will share some screenshots and work to get that login ready as soon as possible.

Hope you like it, let me know if you have any questions!


I love it!

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Thanks David! I’ll update this thread to show the evolution of this project and the other apps!

This is very clever! Love it!

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Thanks @Sandro_Brito!

Very cool! :v:

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Looks good!

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Looks amazing! :clap:

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:wave: Hello, I’m back, another app is ready: Translate!
64 languages to translate and copy your text to use however you need!


You should blog about this!


@ionamol, this looks really interesting. I clicked on your link but didn’t find anything. So, just to make sure I understand… it’s a Glide app filled with mini glide apps inside? It’s awesome! Do you have an update yet? :grinning:


That is a good idea @david!

Hi @emilio, thanks!! Sorry for the link, I updated the app name/url and forgot to change it here, I’m using now. This is not the slide OS but a playground where I test some stuff before implementing on Slide OS.

You got it, is a glide app with mini-apps, I’m finishing the 3rd mini-app, Contacts, after some time “offline”. I am planning to create another 10 apps before publishing the link, but I hope the next ones will be ready more quickly. Some of them must be social network webviews and others will be more complex apps.


Hello Gliders! I just started a new job as Head of Product Design and because of that I was a little bit away from the Glide Community. That ends now (I hope :crossed_fingers:)!

Inspired by the compliments here I spent some time working on Slide OS yesterday and I want to share the result.

5 New Apps! Phone, Contacts, Facebook, Google & Photos

Phone App: Just type the number and click Call!

Contacts App: Share/Edit your own information and add/edit/share your Contacts informations.

You can even pay me using my paypal link and my custom payment successful page (using Glide Webview) :smiley:

Photos App: Upload images with date and caption and create your own albums!


  • I need to finish some user flows for the Contacts app and Photos app (submit new items)
  • SimpleCal: Calculator app for simple math operations between 2 numbers and margin/mark up calculation
  • Caster: Podcast app, I will try to use rss to keep my app updated.
  • News: I will try to use some news api and deliver the latest news for the categories that the user has selected
  • Game: I’m think if it is possible to create a game using glide, a trivia game would be cool. If I can’t do it, I will try to "integrate"a simple game using webview.

I’m also planning to write about that project (Thanks for motivating me @david). What would you like to know about this project?

Much more to come! Let me know what do you think!


Awesome progress! :+1: I’d like to work on something similar. Could you walk me through on how to think about it in terms of spreadsheet structure?


Cool what’s the url?

For the icons, to do you use markdown or html tags?

Very cool app, good example of creativity with Glide!

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@ionamol your progress is amazing! I surely wanna see more about it! Keep on it! (Btw I’m also Brazilian lol)

Speaking of which, my “business card app” I have 24 games integrated in it to the people have fun.

I don’t if it’s the way you were thinking about it, but take a look on it.


Hey @Lucas_Pires, I will stick to english (even if I made mistakes sometimes) so the other users can understand.

Your app looks cool, I will certainly do something like it for Slide OS but what I was wondering is if it is possible to create a game using only gsheets (and glide). A trivia game is probably easy to create, I’m thinking about building one with a multiplayer ranking and maybe badges (just had the idea and thought that sound really cool).

Thanks for your tip and kind words!

Hey @Christophe_HK, thank you!!

Wich icons are you talking?

The app icons are just images displayed as tiles and the telephone, letter and chains are default in glide when you display a phone, email and link with the corespondent action.