Glide Desktop app for admin dashboard

The app and the page would not be “connected” at all. Just an embedded view of the app on the same page as other information.

I could see a use case where inputs on the app may affect something on the web page it is embedded on, but that’s not the way I first envisioned it working. I suppose you could also have a Google Form on a webpage that would affect values in an embedded app so that the results are shown in realtime on the same page. Again, not my use case, but could see this as something it could be used for.

I wasn’t asking what could potentially be built with it, I was asking what your specific need is. What are you trying to build with Glide that requires iframe embedding?

In my example, I would put my booking calendar with AirBnB so people can book, like I did on my website, I would also put in multiple contact forms, sign up for social networks, like and share direct social networks with views, and also make payments through other banks and their forms (not just Stripe not even supported in my country)

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Does your use case require the app to control the rest of the website, or the other way around?

I gave up Glide. It’s not as good as it seems. My opinion. and the arguments in this link

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I’m starting to give it up too, the values of the graphs do not come out correctly formatted, or better, totally wrong. I think Glide is good for making simple project, but not for manage a business, small or large. The basic idea behind Glide is excellent but now maybe is too young.

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Same opinion. you can read my full description of the opinion and talk about it

I did it and I agree with you.

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Could you point us to an example where you get incorrect values in graphs, please?

Display a glide app in an iframe and make the iframe width 600px—it already works!


If I would display the data with currency format I can’t do it, and I don’t like to see value without any format, only numbers, no more.

Can’t get it to work. My iFrame code: <iframe src="[glide app link]" width="600" height="815" </iframe>

I use iFrames on my site to embed Youtube videos and they required the use of the “embed” url that Youtube provides in their Share menu (just using the video’s URL as the iFrame’s address does not display the video in the iFrame). The URL needs the[videolink] for it to work in an iFrame (at least for me).

What happens when you do this? Try 400 width. I don’t recall the exact width but at some point the Glide app will render app contents only.

So your graph is revenue, for example, and the numbers should be formatted with currency?


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Number formatting is a topic that’s on top of mind for us at the moment. I can’t give you a timeline, but we’ll hopefully have something soon :slight_smile:

I will wait for you

Oops! I see we don’t allow iframe embedding for security reasons. My bad.

Thanks for confirming that I’m not nuts!

If there’s any way to figure out a way to prevent the security issues, it would be great to have it as an option.

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I see this topic hasn’t been active for a while. Is iframe embedding still not something that is planned for? I help out at a web design company and tried pitching Glide to use as their “customer portal” for checking on progress, status and requests.
I feel that the ability to embed the app into their current system would really help Glide expand its use cases.