Creating a UI-based Dashboard for Apps Admins

I’m trying to alleviate myself from doing too much admin work on behalf of my clients, and streamlining my support and onboarding efforts.

Handing them out a Google Sheet and expecting them not to screw up at some point is unfortunately unrealistic with my target market.

So I have decided that I’m going to create an App-Admin User Dashboard where my clients can:

  • Login with their own User / PWD that I will generate for them
  • Create additional users with editorial rights
  • See their billing info related to the services I offer (Upgrade / Downgrade / Delete)
  • Edit Google Sheet items using a GUI
  • Visualize Google Sheet items in a graphic format (e.g. Media)
  • See Glide Apps generated data in a report format (e.g. logs, emails)
  • Chat with me for live support through Intercom
  • Eventually integrate with third-party services such as Mailchimp

I have initially looked into Airtable, but it won’t help the cause, so I believe I will have to custom code the dashboard.

Has anyone thought of doing this before? Is there perhaps any no-code solution to achieve all of that that I’m missing?

Thanks guys, as usual, proud to be part of this community.

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There is a product called that I have played with before. It’s designed for building web portals from an AirTable backend. It’s very, very cool. More recently they have added support for Google Sheets as a backend so it’s definitely worth a look. Good luck.

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@maschera: We were looking into a similar solution and came across

I tried to sign up for their Google Sheets solution but their onboarding process really sucked, to the point where it didn’t work at all.

I also noticed they are going under various different names as earlier this year they seemed to be ‘spamming’ Product Hunt, so it was hard to keep track of which ‘version’ was the right one. A bit sleazy in my opinion.

It’s a great idea though, and a space that will be no doubt filled with more promising solutions and at more affordable pricing.

Their cheapest plan is $39 per month, and not even whitelabelled as it has their branding at that price point. No thanks.

Tread with caution, or wait for a better company to enter this space.


Just FYI we have used and it’s technically very sound. The Google Sheets integration is very new (still in Beta) and we also had issues with it, but a message to support cleared it up really quickly. From that point onward it worked well. So I think the company seems ok, however you are right about the pricing for sure!

Thanks a lot, it looks like that it can do quite a bit of what I’d like. The fact they don’t have integrations is a problem though.

And I agree that the price is prohibitive. If I’d like to charge each user $39 / month for it, it won’t work for my use case.

Besides, for that price you don’t even get the full package.

I’m thinking to go Wordpress Multisite. It would require a bit of work but at least I’m certain that it will deliver.

Quite of a red flag, thanks Garrison for spotting that.

Last thing you want to do is to commit your business to a tech tool that it is going to disappear after a while.

@maschera: I don’t think they charge per user; just the main account. The idea from what I see is that you create a portal for your users which is free for them to use.

Give it a try, their Google Sheets integration may work now.

Also, you don’t get billed until you launch your portal, so there’s no risk.

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I will thanks Garrison, just scheduled a call with them, let’s see

Any update on this? Have you tried it?