Hacking together a dashboard

Hey Folks!

I am fairly new to the Glide Community and getting great tips and advice from various people. Glide is fantastic for me and really enjoy building with it!

Returning the favor on tips I have received: I stumbled across a hack for creating a web portal for your clients to access info. on their app: https://stacker.app/

With the new Glide Zapier integration, you can link your Google sheet to Airtable which Stacker connects to. You can then create a portal for your client to log into and view info. from the app, e.g users.

I think it opens up possibilities of extending the use cases for Glide, e.g. profile management, user management, etc from a desktop platform.



Very interesting and interested in!! Have you got a demo to share?

Seems expensive as it is more than a month’s of a Pro plan. Do you know if the pricing for the basic works for more than one table connection?

None yet but their website shows what the portals look like

It is very expensive which is a major downside.The trial version does appear to let you create multiple portals linked to different Airtables but to remove their branding is pricey.

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My advice is to wait as there will be other entrants offering a similar solution.

Stacker is stupidly expensive for what it is; and they seem a bit flakey too if my recent experience is anything to go by.

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