Bring back Airtable Database in free & starter Plan

Hi Glide, I love your product! There is no doubt i will switch to a paid plan after launching my app and slowly scaling it. But disabling syncing with Airtable database with your recent pricing restructure in the early phase of building the app is like cutting of your legs while standing. Please bring this back and help small entrepreneurs build! Thank you!!

Part of the cost for Glide is syncing/updating data with 3rd party applications. Google Sheets and Airtable are 3rd party applications.

On the Free plan, you can use Glide Tables only. They are extremely powerful. You now also have 25’000 rows to work with.

Working with Glide tables doesn’t work for you? If not, why not?

I’m confused - you say the issue is the cost of syncing/updating data with 3rd party applications… and yet Google Sheets is still available as a data source in the Maker plan however Airtable is not??

I can understand this reason for why Airtable and Google Sheets would not be included in the Free plan, but then why include only one in the next lowest price point for your product and not the other?

It’s possible that Airtable is considerably more expensive for Glide to integrate compared to Google. I don’t know what kind of pricing Glide has negotiated with the third party providers, but Airtable and Google are separate companies and don’t have to charge Glide the same prices. It might be a cost benefit for Glide to only allow Airtable on the higher cost plans, whereas Google doesn’t cost as much so it’s still reasonable to have it on the lower cost Maker plan.

If you are an entrepreneur using Airtable as a database for your app, you are using the wrong tool for the job–Airtable does not want you to use their product in this way.

If you’re not already using a paid AirTable plan, I highly recommend Glide’s tables instead. Glide’s free plan offers superior features, such as the ability to filter relations, which is essential for app development. For example, I built a feature-rich, role-action-permission-based app entirely on Glide’s free plan. In contrast, I couldn’t even create a basic issue tracking app on AirTable’s free plan, as it didn’t allow me to restrict client visibility on projects.