I can build a metrics dashboard for you - Google Data Studio

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Google Data Studio for metrics dashboards, and I’d like to build some more real-world examples. If you have some clean data you can give me access to, (preferably imported to a Gsheet just for me), some metrics in mind, and some examples of your branding, then I can build it for you for free. The dashboards are (supposedly) embeddable, and I’ll be testing this out.

I’m making my own example tonight that I can make public, and will post it here. GDS could be a nice supplement to your Glide app(s) and business.

Feel free to DM me. Thanks!



I have worked with GDS since 2018 and it is an amazing tool, more incredible is the fact that it’s free!! :partying_face:

I discovered Glide by accident, looking for a new tool to show my dashboards, I read a post on some web site where it stated something like “you can build now an APP using a Google Spreadsheet with no code” and I thought: No way… WTF??

I took one of my GS already sorted and tested to work with GDS and created my first Glide APP using that one.
When the wizard finished loading my GS and showed me the APP, I almost couldn’t believe it, the APP was built in 70-80%, I almost cried :rofl:

I always needed a way or tool to write/update my dashboard data saved in GS and finally I had one. Later, I discovered this community forum and learned more tricks and right procedures to create relations and solutions and as you can see, I am still here!

But coming back to your original idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I have tried to put some dashboards into Webview component but these weren’t embeddable (well, when I tested it 4-5 months ago). If you have better luck than me please, let me know.

Feliz día!

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No way!! :upside_down_face:

Thanks @ThinhDinh

That’s amazing! I stumbled on GDS the opposite way, searching for dashboard software, getting very frustrated trying the well-known paid options, and on a subsequent search found GDS.

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Nice one! With the “Explorer” option within GDS you can make stand-alone charts as well.


damn! I need to check this out…


Here’s a minimalist example I made with fake data from my own biz. It takes much more time to aggregate the data than it does to make the dashboard.

The big caveats of the free version is that the minimum data refresh time is 15 minutes, and the embed can’t be refreshed, so it’s not suitable for real-time apps.


love it… just sent you a message

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Yeah, that’s a big deal

I found that the embed refreshes when you switch tabs back and forth. But any time the tab loads/refreshes the embed takes ~5 seconds to load, so it would be confusing for users. The charts can be made to look very good though. No CSS…