Data driven real time app

Here is a new version of the real time stock analysis app.
The app is completely data driven by “real time” quotes from Google Finance. Since there is a delay of 20 minutes I have the renamed the app to “Time Delayed Stock Analysis”

The landing page is a dashboard similar to what Carlos has invented, but here are the menu items live gauge charts.

The problem with tables is solved with on the fly rendered html pages. They are shown in browser outside Glide. That is not so nice on a PC but no problem on iPhones or Androids.


Unfortunately during certain periods there is bad synchronisation between Sheets and Glide.
Here is a link to current state in Sheets.


That’s great, Ralf! It looks really good.

How are graphics showed in first page?
How do you render html and make graphics clickable linking to screens of the app ?

The graphics on the first page are Google Sheets gauge charts which are clickable links to the next level of items. See Menu idea for apps by Carlos in this forum.

Here is a link , note the htmlembed parameter:


1vHhLvevHqBFMCzwpGhJFkLotybrCQGYYMMgI6OeSCMU = Sheet ID

1175879905 = Tab ID

range=K2:O41 = Range to be rendered

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Great stuff @Ralf!

I can’t wait till we have charts in Glide. Great work!

@JackVaughan Real time updated charts in glide -to me - would be a game changer. Seriously


Why wasting time and energy on developing charts in Glide when you already have fully functional charts in Sheets?

Wouldn’t be better to spend your efforts to make them synchronise better in Glide?

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I believe it’s because the refresh rate of Google Sheets charts is set by Google and we can’t change how often they update. Even if we got it super quick somehow, it wouldn’t be instant as the data would be doing a round trip.

By having charts in Glide - everything would be much quicker and snappier. If you have tried the progress bar component, you’ll see what I mean. When you update that in an app - it’s very quick. Try it here:

There are almost certainly lots of other benefits as well.

My comment concerning real-time updated chart didn’t touch on where the charts are stored. We just need the chart updated real-time.
Having a tool to create these chart would be great - and google sheets does that! But unfortunately glide doesn’t get an update sufficiently fast.
If google sheets is not going to trigger glide fast enough then a possibility as jack mentions is to make glide create the chart. My worry which I believe Ralf would also have - will glide provide as powerful toolbox as google sheets. Probably not.

OK I agree, charts in Glide would be great, meanwhile I have to stick to the htmlembed solution.!

Thank you for your answer !!!

I agree with you wholeheartedly with this @Ralf .
Glide is not a calculative app, it is an app that displays what’s on your google sheet. And they are the best at doing it.

I really won’t pay for glide if it becomes a calculative app. Because I don’t really like the idea of paying for something that I already have for free.

Glide is super fast for what it is doing and at the cost. It literally takes 10 seconds or less for an update to be automatically reflected in the app without having to hit a refresh button like other similar but more expensive app platforms (Appsheet).

If people want instant results they will have to learn to code in javascript and learn how to program databases. Or if Glide wants to give instant results, the will have to get rid of the free google-sheet back-end altogether and host our data on their Glide glide servers. Which will open a whole lot of unnecessarily expensive doors. just for a few seconds “delay”.

Please Glide, Please keep doing what you do well. Let the calculations stay in google sheets, Focus on giving us presentation tools, User interface tools, App control tools, anything that makes our users interact with the data we are presenting.

This is ultimately what I’m paying for. I already have charts, formulas, and unlimited calculations in google. And for free, a 10-second delay is more than acceptable.
Thanks, @Ralf


May I offer small improvement?
Instead of publishing your sheet and have the link in the app I’m using Google sites. It show the charts much nicer and very easy to pull your charts from the sheet to it.
See example I did for a lecture I gave last week:

@yinon_raviv Seems that the sheet is protected and therefore not accessible

Will you share it?

I understand your concerns completely, but not everybody is spreadsheet savvy. I’m a programmer by day, so a lot of this logic stuff comes easy to me, but for others, it’s beneficial when things are simple and just work. Appsheet is a whole different animal and in my opinion, overly complicated for the average user. I think Glide is doing a great job of keeping things simple, while still working on features that provide the widest possible range of capabilities they can. I’ve seen a massive amount of development by the team, and because of that, free users are turning into paid customers. More money, more features. If we allowed Glide to become stagnant, then the use cases would be very limited and there would be less people paying for pro accounts. If Glide was only meant to display spreadsheet data, then I’d be better off just sharing the spreadsheet. I hope like you that they keep things simple and the prices reasonable, but still keep me excited with new features. I get the overall feeling that they’re goal is less big business oriented, and more small user group “dark” apps that may not have a place in an app store. Not saying you can’t go big with your vision, but the little guys are definitely kept in mind.
I always say anything is possible when you think outside the box a little and there is a lot you can do in the back end with a Google sheet, but when it feels hacky, then it doesn’t feel right. Also hate to say it, but sheets aren’t as capable as I wish they were. I have formulas that are not arrayformula compatible, so I end up dragging the formula down instead. I also have multiple sheets to join data, query it, sort it, add more data to it, then unique the whole thing. All with formulas I can’t use with arrayformulas. At some point I’m going to run into limitations do to shear data size or rows that don’t contain formulas. There are scripts to do all of this, but how often does a non-programmer understand scripting. I write enough code during the day. I don’t want to have to do it on side app projects as well.
I don’t expect the world and some request are a little too specific to a use case, but I encourage most feature requests and will offer alternative suggestions when I can. I think Glide will only continue as a business If we allow then to grow and innovate.

Glide and Sheets should be completing, not competing!
Don’t forget that Google frequently is adding improvements and new features to Sheets.

I don’t see it as Glide and Sheets competing against each other. Google sheets are great as a database and they are very powerful. I prefer and do perform all of my referencing and calculations within the sheet because for me it’s easier to understand, but for others it’s very confusing. I think if Glide can make the whole process simpler for users of all skill levels, then that’s a bonus for all, because we have options to perform these actions in the app builder or in the sheet. There are a lot of questions that come up over and over regarding basic formulas and set up within sheets, but if the process can be made simpler, then it’s easier to get more users onboard. Some things are just to specific and will have to happen within the sheet itself, but if some of the basics are covered in the app builder, then I think that’s a good thing. I’d also like to add that I have hit daily limits for scripting, so it’s not wide open as far as how much you can do for free in google sheets.

It’s not a sheet. It’s a website and suppose to be open for all. Are you not able to see it?

@yinon_raviv The site is public but the embedded sheets are not public!

Just looked at it in incognito and see what you’re saying. Will be at my PC later and will share them so you could see :blush: