Google sheet's chart in glide App

Hi All,

I am thinking of making a new financial app with rich charts and visualization. The glide app charts are a bit limited currently. I figured out that the one way to have rich visualization is by - creating charts in google sheet and then publishing it to get the URL in the glide app. So my question is that - if I publish the chart in google sheets then I am making its data public right? Is there a way to avoid this whole public part? As it is not so much of a viable option for a financial app.

Is there any other way to do it, or I’m missing something?


Hi @BeowolfAgate :wave:t2:

For chart features non-native within Glide, have you looked into ?


I’ll just back up what @nathanaelb said. Quickchart is definitely the way to go. Choosing Google Charts embedded in GSheets over quickchart would be like choosing a bicycle instead of a ferrari.


We do agree though that as a regular means of transportation, bicycles are better than cars, right? :joy:


heh, perhaps I could have chosen a better example :wink:


Thanks folks! will try this out :slight_smile: