Export graphs

How to export graphs that are generated in the app. I am using “docs automator” to send it to google docs, however couldn’t find a way to send the graphs.

That wouldn’t be possible with the native Glide charts.
If you used something like quickchart.io, you would have an image URL that could be passed to Docs Automator. There is a minor learning curve with quickchart, but I’m pretty sure that would work.

I have no experience of this integration, but could this integration be used to share a screenshot?

Generate PDFs and images from your Glide app data using Urlbox

This is the ultimate integration for generating PDFs and screenshots from your Glide app data. Imagine giving your users the ability to download an invoice in PDF format or a screenshot of a work order - all with just a few clicks. With the Urlbox integration for Glide, you can do all that and more. Plus, with our easy-to-use integration, getting started is a breeze.

I’ve not used it either, but looking at the docs, I don’t think so.
Both supported features appear to require HTML as input.


I used https://www.screenshotapi.net/ for some projects, but I haven’t figured out a way to let it screenshot a URL that requires logging in. I have to make part of my app public to make that happen.

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… and there is no way to have a separate app that does not require a login and shares the same Glide table? Could that App display the chart and be the source of the HTML?

Ah that’s a good point, yes, you can totally do it like that.

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