PDF directly from the screen in Glide: Is it possible?

Hello everyone,

I’d like to know if it’s possible to create a PDF file directly from the screen displayed in a Glide application.

The idea would be to allow users to instantly capture the current state of their screen in the app and save it as a PDF.

Have any of you already managed to implement something similar, or do you know if it’s technically feasible with Glide’s current tools?

Thank you in advance for your feedback and help. I look forward to reading your ideas and advice!

You can use the browser’s Print button to print the screen to PDF, but last I checked it didn’t include any content below the visible part of the screen. Otherwise I’d recommend using one of the integrations and pass it your content to generate a PDF.

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This is an alternative.

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Data displayed on the screen is data that comes from a table. Using the DocsAutomator or PDFMonkey integration, you can generate a PDF from data in a table.

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The new solution from Loqode might interest you, it is also a course. https://youtu.be/gS5nt39V-vI?si=ou9MNj3QWhytPmDI

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I can attest that it works well if you’re savvy with HTML and simply need to view a would-be PDF and print it on the fly. If you need to save/send a PDF link, it requires a bit more of a setup then I’d like.

CraftMyPDF is a flexible solution that’s rather inexpensive but has a bit of a learning curve.


thank you all for your advice. I thought there was a native function in Glide without going through an api or integration.