Images to PDF

Can I create a glide app that converts images to PDF?
Basically, I want to create a PDF converter.

No, but what you can do is take a screenshot of the images on your Glide app, then feed the images into a PDF converter, and send them to who you like.

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So, basically we cannot build a PDF converter with the help of glide.
Btw, how can we take the screenshot and do what you said?
Can you elaborate? I am a beginner, so?

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My best advice would be to find a script zapier integration that would take the url of the image uploaded through a form in Glide, convert it to a PDF, and write a URL for the PDF to a sheet that can be read in glide.


yep cloudconvert can do this via zapier/integromat


I’m not sure how much you know about Zapier integration. But, If you are planning on using “Glide PDF” as a business venture, spend sometime on finding out more about the suggestions helpfully posted for your benefit in the threads above.

If it was what I was thinking like irregular pdfs, then if you have an i0S mobile device, download a Free pdf converter. They will easily convert all your screenshots to PDFs. You don’t need any skills to do that.

Here is a simpler method. You can use your iPhone as a PDF converter. Screenshots are photos on iPhone.