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I created a glide app. Unfortunately, it saves the photographs as a link. Is it possible to save the image directly as an image?
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The short answer is no, but can you explain why you would need that?

The actual image can be retrieved at any time using the link.

thank you for this feedback. in fact I created a script on Google sheet that turns my sheet into a pdf. My concern with that is that my script transcribes the image link and not the image as such.

I see.

What you should be able to do is modify your script so that it fetches the image using the URL, and then inserts it as an image blob.

However, are you aware that Glide has integrations with services such as PDFMonkey and DocsAutomator that allow you to generate a PDF directly from your App?


I tried various code but without success so far :frowning: Afterwards, I’m not a Script specialist ^^

Are you serious ? Do you need any special knowledge to successfully do this with PDFMonkey or DocsAutomator?

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Hey Julian. Thank you for taking this up. I want to learn this too. @ALL kindly guide or show a video on how to use DocsAutomator and/or PDFMonkey in Glide. It would be very helpful in my case too!

I saw that it needed the PRO version of Glide to increase these 2 solutions:/


Google sheets does have an =IMAGE("url") formula. Not sure if it’s useful in this use case.

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Thank you Nathanaelb. you provided solution to both my queries. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

True… Pro version would be needed for that. But i think i have one more solution.

When u say that you want to save the image as an image… do you mean you want to see the image inside the app?

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Thank you for your feedback.

I tried the “Image” formula, unfortunately without success.

But what I would like is to display the image in the PDF, not necessarily in the Glide app (as far as I’m concerned).

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Hi @Julian_Morel, if this is regarding DocsAutomator, feel free to reach out in the chat or at :slight_smile: