Save form data from Glide as PDF in Drive


I prepared a Google Sheets document with appscript that allows me to save elements of a form as a PDF automatically in Drive.

Do you know if it is possible to do the same from Glide?

Every day, I would like to fill out a form, which it saves in my Drive, to have a daily follow-up.



If you have a form in a Glide app/page that is using a Glide table, you could use a webhook when the form is submitted to send it to a google sheet.

Alternatively, you could connect a Google Sheet directly to a Glide app/page and have the form enter the data directly.

You might try and experimenting with the second option first. I’ve been trying to use the Glide tables as much as possible lately so my brain went there first. :slight_smile:

You would have to use the data in the webhook or Google Sheet to make the PDF through Zapier or Make as there isn’t any function in Glide that will make the PDF for you.



Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know Zapier or Make. It’s easy to use for a begginer like me ?

Have good day,



I usually use Make/Integromat to process some clients’ requests just like you.

My flow is usually:

  • Pass the info from Glide to Make using a webhook.

  • Pre-create a template in PDFMonkey, then add a step after the webhook in Make to pass the variables’ values into PDFMonkey. I generate a new document from that step.

  • Use the resulting PDFMonkey URL (which does expire) to upload it to my Google Drive.

  • Take the resulting Drive link and update it back to the right row in Glide.

The hardest step is to construct the HTML template in PDFMonkey. I don’t know if it can work like that with Google Docs.

Ya. Google Docs module in Make allows you to fill out a template.

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Good point. I’ve been using the Google Doc “Create from Template” (it’s the same[ish] in Make) to fill in variables in a premade “template” using Zapier. Template is in quotes because while it functions as a template, it is not a “Google Doc Template” which is another similar thing.

AND THEN I’ve been using a webhook to send the Google Doc Export PDF link and SHAZAM insta PDF!

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This is exactly what I was thinking. Glad to know it works.

You can use Word Template and OneDrive option “Download as PDF” in integromat and you’ll not need of PdfMonkey or others similar tools. You can generate all pdf you want.

Thanks so much for your reply.

I need to ask myself and think about the simplest solution, being a beginner and new to all these computer subjects.