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Hello everyone, I would like to use a button to create a pdf, for this I have prepared a google doc with placeholders from the google table. as soon as the button is pressed, a pdf is to be created from a copy of the doc and sent to a folder on google drive and in a line in the google table so that it can be viewed in the glide app, how can i do that? I’m completely lost


There is a thing called PDF Monkey which is quite popular for this sort of thing. I’ve never used it, but I’ve seen others recommend it. If you search around the forum, you should find plenty of threads about it.

Another way to create PDF’s is with Apps Script (this is what I do). But if you’re not comfortable with Apps Script, that may not be the best approach.


This can be an approach:


Here is the app script for that

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@Waser_I_Solutions That script is a great example of how I typically set this up.

One thing to keep in mind is there will be a delay from when the document is generated to when it is visible in the app because you have to wait for the url to document to be added to your Google Sheet then wait for Glide to sync to the Google Sheet again and grab the URL.

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Integromat is actually really easy to use for this too :slight_smile:

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I use integromat to do it. Here is a video of the scenario, basically I created a template in google drive, then 1. Document is created from the template replacing the {{tags}} with the parameters values received in the webhook. 2. Once created, the .doc and .pdf links are pasted in a sheet (link columns) 3. Both documents (.doc and .pdf) are sent by email


Thanks, that helps me. I could now create a pdf and save it in a folder in drive. I don’t know what to fill out for the google sheets so that the pdf is saved in the cell, can you help me?

For my use cases in Integromat, this means having a column in the Sheet and your last node in Integromat writes back the Drive link to that document into the Sheet.



  1. it is important to send the Row ID to integromat

  2. Then you search in the proper google sheet that Row ID value to get the row number.

  3. Once found the row, update a cell using the variable of the row number and the column corresponding to the link, I write both links .doc and .pdf one at the time in different modules, for that for sure i use two different columns in google sheets.


Hope this may help you.


Thank you very much, again a great help in this community. my cell will not be filled, am i missing something? Does something already have to be in the cell so that it can be recognized?

Seems like the search did not find the cell. You can try “update a row” and then put the right value in the right column.

It worked, I used the wrong ID in the series.

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