Export to PDF

Hi Glide Community,

Actually, is there any ways to have an apps that at the end we can automatically using button to export to Excel and PDF ?

It would probably be worth taking an initial look at Integromat. It is relatively straightforward to send data from a Glide app to Integromat, format it as CSV or PDF, then have it forwarded elsewhere.

Is there any ways to do with Google Sheet to PDF ?

We often use Integromat to extract data from a row in a Google Sheet and insert into a template Google Doc which is then exported as PDF. Some of the other experts (e.g. @Darren_Murphy) may know how to do this using App Scripts and bypassing Integromat but is not something that we have experience with.


If there is any chance 2 or more people might request a pdf at the same time then app script might bump into itself. Also if there are any changes to GSheet while app script is running it may create a second pdf.

Satisfying all these conditions is more work than learning integromat. I would highly recommend using integromat for this.

If you insist on app script I’ve used this from @Uzo