Ability to export Screens to PDF

Forms are a valuable component for collecting data. In my app, users are employees who enter their performance goals and there is a pretty straightforward but intricate flow of going from setting goals>self rating goals>manager rating goals>rolling up goal ratings to get a performance score>filling out an assessment/performance review. My big issue at the moment is that as much as we want paperless, digital workflows, eventually many, if not all, customers want the PDF export to print, share by email, save in their own e-files etc, outside of the app. Employees want to save this record and take it with them when they leave the company that subscribes to my app. I want to print the Performance Review screens (data collected by various forms populate on this screen) as one of many examples in my app. Note to Glide team: This may also be a valuable functionality for Enterprise clients as well.

Here are some other use cases I’m adding based on comments in this thread:

-Customers export and save invoices/receipts
-Students/Teachers export and save assignments/grade cards

Anyone have other use cases?


Totally agreed @Deena

Other examples is send invoice to customer or sent payment receipt (all to be in pdf form) .


I’m glad you raised this topic because I was about to do so. I think it’s common practice to want printouts of certain types of data no matter the industry. For example, I work in education and having printed data for files is routine and I would like to build apps that provide people with that option. It would be nice if people can export data from forms for their own records or to share with others who do not have access to the app.