Generating a PDF Report from Glide

I need to generate a monthy report from Glide.

The App enters a daily task based on activity performed. At the end of the month, I will like to have a PDF report with all these tasks captured in a report.

Is there a way in Glide to do this or I will need API ?

Thanks in advance.


Do you store your data in Google Sheets, Glide Tables or somewhere else?

I was about to post same question.
I’m using Glide Tables and I cannot figure how to export all the items to Make and how to generate a new document (report) with all the fields, based on a template.
I will follow your post.
Thank you

This may help (or May not) but I generate a lot of reports using on2air (very helpful developer too)

However - it only works with Airtable so your data needs to be stored there (which mine is)

Here’s a link to the specific product

I usually construct a HTML/CSS template in PDFMonkey beforehand.

In that template, I define my variables and have a plan on structuring the data accordingly in Glide.

Then, in Glide, I create a button to trigger a webhook in Make. That webhook payload will contain all the variables I have constructed in PDFMonkey.

Then, in Make, I add a PDFMonkey node to generate the PDF based on the input data. I get the resulting document URL, use a HTTP module to download it and upload it to Google Drive.

Finally, I get the Google Drive link back to Glide using Glide’s API.


Do you know if its possible to export glide-generated QR-codes and images to PDFMonkey?

I imagine if you use a service like this:

You would be able to send the URL of the QR code to PDFMonkey and load it in an img HTML tag.

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I’ll try that - Thank you!

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Please let me know in this thread if I can help with anything. Thank you!

Data is stored in Google Sheets.

Might be the same concept as I mentioned above.

I was asking because I think you can get away from relying on a button click in the app, and instead using Make to search the Sheet rows you want to send to the report, but gotta take into account that I don’t know about your data structure.

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As for me, this is a little bit complicated :thinking:
My ideea is to export in Make with a Webhook all the records as a Joined List.
Then, with an Iterrator to split that Joined List into ‘X’ records.
An then, in some way, to write all those separated records into a single Google Doc Template (each record as a row) … but i don’t know how to do this last part of the scenario :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Robert_Petitto @Darren_Murphy are you aware of an easy way to have a “joined list” of records as a variable value in Google Docs Templates?

What I usually do in PDFMonkey is pass a JSON object containing multiple rows’ info, and then use the loop feature in PDFMonkey.

Not to my knowledge. Looking to dynamically fill a space in a Google Doc with an iteration of sorts?

Not something that I’ve tried. Until now, I’ve always used Apps Script to generate PDF from a GDoc template, so anything like that I’ll do programmatically.

I wonder if this use case could be a good candidate for the pure Glide method that we’ve been discussing with Jeff?

I have a solution for my pdf report:
In my glide table, I have a template column, with all the information i need for my report. And those info are already spaced as a row for my report. Then i used a joined list in order to be able to export the info with a webhook to Make.
Once there, I used an Itterator in order to split the info and obtain my future report rows

then i used a table aggregator

I used the value from Table aggregator in my Doc Template together with several info from Webhook

then I download this doc as a pdf, using Make again

This is the Report resulted:

Is not a simple solution, but i was interested to have one in a very short time :slightly_smiling_face:

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This looks fabulous. Thanks for posting

Imagine if they just added a feature that allowed you to export as pdf…would save so much time…

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