Making report

is there any possible way to making report and send the data to email? i’m very beginner in this stuff btw. Thank you

Yes, it is possible but not in the native Glide environment. Things you’ll need would be automation services like Zapier, Integromat, PdfMonkey, and similar. Try to search this community posts a bit deeper and I’m sure you will find things you need to resolve your issue.
You can start here:

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This also:

…and this:

I hope I helped a bit.

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Depends what format your report needs to be in. If you just need a simple CSV export, then…

But if you need something more elaborate than CSV, then you’ll need to explore some of those options that @Mozza suggested.


Another possibility is using the googlescript
you can find a lot of example how to generate an email automatically (looking at a specific field value), then another script will create the (PDF or CSV or else) report to be sent as attachment.

That is a bit more sophisticated way than the other proposed above