How To: CSV Export and send as email

Below is a short tutorial that demonstrates how to generate a CSV export from Glide, and send it as an email attachment using Integromat.

This uses the joined list technique that was originally described by @Purvang_Joshi here.

I hope others find it useful :slight_smile:


Awesome… :+1:

Great one!!!

That is super handy! Thanks

This is Super @Darren_Murphy. Thank you for sharing :hugs:.
Its gonna come in handy for one of my projects.

I couldn’t replicate the column name part, could you help me?

Can you elaborate a little, please?
Which column, which name? Do you have a screen shot?

As you can see the columns are not named, example “name” “date”

Is that screenshot from your Google Sheet?
The first row in your spreadsheet must contain the column headers.
Just insert a row at the top and add them in.

No, this is the generated CSV file, I would like the column titles to be included in it

oh! hahah…

Okay, so it looks like you are missing the header row in your template, or it might not be defined properly. So that’s what you should check. If you can’t identify where it’s wrong, please show me how you have it configured.

1st I created a template to gather the information.

2nd I created a joined list to be able to use the webhook

3rd I configured the webhook to pull the data from the joined list.

Yes, you are missing a template column for the header row. If you go back and look at my video, I talk about this at 6:08