Is it possible to add multiple rows with Joined list?


I was following @Darren_Murphy’s great tutorial (How To: CSV Export and send as email) and started wondering whether I could build my spreadsheet in Glide without using Integromat.

In the Export table I have a Joined list field and when I click on the button, it simply adds row on another table. It all works fine but it adds my “multiple rows” into a single row (I couldn’t find the delimiter that would add multiple rows). Does it exist ?


Thanks !


Nowadays I mostly build everything inside Glide Tables, since we have the Glide API.

For your question, I don’t think that is feasible that you can scale and add as many rows as you want in another table (since each “add row” only adds one row and you don’t know how many you want in advance).

You can pass a structured JSON to Integromat, though, and have the iterator module loop through the list of items to add, then utilize the Glide API to add rows to your new table.