🆕 Joined List column ready in production

Now you can add a “Joined List” column in production apps. In the example, I joined the list of dishes from a category relation, separated by a comma.


Can you explain this a little more? What is the use case for this? What does it actually do? How can we practically use it in our apps to achieve something? Thanks

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I think the most immediate use is this.

Yeesss, now I have more work to change, it’s a bittersweet feeling: I wished this feature for weeks and now I have it, I hate all work I made as workaround before it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But anyway it’s a big step to everyone working with Glide.

Gracias por este gran juguete @Mark!!



i can see the future of this feature but now i’m thinking of a generic use case.

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 17.34.16

Edited: i had tried and saw that it could gather up all data within specific column then rolled up into one single array with anything as delimiter. But so far I had tried and it seemed no Glide components can cope with this array.

And since this cannot be used with the generic data table as the data will keep on tailing. I wonder how to use it apart of being a good Logging feature.

The thing is, Joined List is no longer an array. It’s just a single string of text, so it can only be applied to components that accept single column values. If you still needed an array, then a Lookup column would give you that.

The original request that brought the Joined List feature was to take an array list of toppings for a food item and put them in a single column when an order is submitted, so they can be written to a single row. I use it myself to build dynamic html or markdown tables from multiple rows of data.

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