Chat and Comments using the Trebuchet Method

Hey Gliders, so using the Trebuchet Method created by @Robert_Petitto and @Lucas_Pires , @SantiagoPerez and I went a step further and created a chat and comments section that will no count towards your number of rows. Most of the credits go to the creators of this method, we just spiced it up!!! :slight_smile:
Hope everyone likes the idea!!


nice one :clap:

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Now we need to find out if there’s a limit on the amount of information we can put in one cell. @david are there any limitations?

According to @Jason you can store 1 million characters in a glide table cell. Google sheets limited to 50,000 characters per cell


That’s very limited if it comes to a chat then…bad times LOL. Thanks for the info Robert

Yes there’s lots of use cases for the trebuchet method. The limitations are that it doesn’t do well with lengthy content nor does it allow you to easily correlate two values per submission. For example if I’m using it to track user check-ins at various locations, I can track email addresses and I can track timestamps but I can’t easily track which users checked in at those timestamps independently.


Always good to know these limitations, yet the method is sick :grinning:

I had been mulling over something like this for the community built messenger thread. Just never got around to it. I had the same concerns about maximum character limits for the cell size, but now it’s good to know what those limits are. Nice to see something like this in action.


@PabloMFalero can’t wait for the user guide to replicate it!
Well done!

Hey, sorry I’ve been extremely busy, I’ll make a video next week!!!

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Hi Pablo, any progress on this? Desperate to replicate this!

Hope it helps


P: Profile pic
E: Temporary commenter (Current user’s name) {usc}
D: Current date and time {usc}
N: Temporary comment {usc} (Text entry component)
V: Lookup column rel_RowID Row ID


P  <b style="color:#00819C;font-size:18px;">E</b> <i style="font-size:12px;">D</i> <br><br>  N <br><br></h3> V

Profile Picture

<h3><img src="URL" alt="" width="35" height="35"/></h3>

Thanks Pablo! Nice work

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Hi @Lucas_Pires @Robert_Petitto, not sure if my question is relevant given that I did not go deep in Trebuchet (yet…):

  • is the idea of the TrebuPiresPetitto to store all messages in 1 cell?
  • if yes, is it correct that this cell cannot store more than 1 million characters for all messages?
  • if yes, would it mean that, taking macro assumptions, the app allows maximum: 1 M. / 8 (?) characters per word / 10 (?) words per sentence / 2 (?) sentences per message / 100 (?) users = magnitude of 50-100 messages

I am sure that I did understand… wrong :slight_smile:

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I’ll let mr @Robert_Petitto tell who he achieved that lol

This is correct. This is why I haven’t used the Trebuchet method for chats…that was @SantiagoPerez

I mainly use it for email addresses ~40chars per email address = ~25k email addresses


We just did this as a fun idea to go a step further with @Lucas_Pires and @Robert_Petitto’s idea but the limitations makes it unscalable. Besides, comments seem to not add to the row count which makes having all the comments in one cell not a real solution to be adapted.


yeah, I’ve already tried this… this makes it impracticable

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