Join columns and unite the results in one line

I joined the columns content with sheets as I didn’t find a way to do it in glide,
then I’d like to unite the results of that column into a single cell (join list), but I’d like to join them with a line break, how can I do it?

Sounds like you just need a template column to join multiple columns together. Then a Joined List column to join all those templates into one cell. You can set the delimiter in the joined list column to be a line break if that’s what you want, or make the line break part of your template column.

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Yes, but I wasn’t able to make them work, would you be so gentle to help me out?

Where did you get stuck? Do you have any screenshots?

All of it, the entries are new rows created by the user
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Just enter something like ‘A B C’ into the template. Then create replacements to replace A with Column1, B with Column2, and C with Column2.

Then create a Joined List column that points to the template column. Set the delimiter bro something like <br> for your line break.

Finally use that Joined List column as the source of a rich text component.


Thank you, very kind and useful.

Unfortunately I tried <br> but it doens’t work, it just gets copied as <br>

Are you using it in a rich text component?

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If you don’t need to use it in a rich text component, just press enter and it will create a new line for each joined entry.


No, I wasn’t.

Ok, I think I understand now, thx a lot again.

I will send it in an automated email when the order is placed, it should show as new line I presume.

I’ll test it, thanks again, very kind.

cool, useful too, thanks

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As @ThinhDinh pointed out with pressing Enter…sometimes I find that 2 spaces followed by the Enter key seems to work better to break lines.

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Good to know, can you better explain “work better”?

More universally working in different contexts?

Some things, especially on the web or in google sheets, recognize just the carriage return from only the Enter key as a space instead of a carriage return. In some cases adding 2 spaces before the enter signals that it’s a true carriage return. It’s just the nature of HTML. I don’t know the ins and outs of why it’s like that. Just wanted to make you aware if you use the enter key and it doesn’t work as expected.

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Ok, which one is better for an email? “br” or “space space enter”?

Maybe I’ll make some tests

I’d say definitely do some tests. Most but not all email clients will process HTML. If you can get it to work fine with the Enter key, then I’d probably use that method.

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