Concatenate, format and display

I’ve below data in google sheet:

Column A | Column B | Column C | Column D

text A | text b | text C | RESULT HERE

Now I want to read the different text values (statements) in each of the columns, concatenate all the text while formatting at the same time, and display the result in Column D.

The formatted result should look like below:

Text A in bold

  • Text B in bold in next line and indented once (one level)


  • Text C not in bold and indented twice (two levels)

something like

Text A.

  • Text B (first level indentation must be here)
  • Text C (second level indentation)

Unfortunately, I’m stuck when I use ARAYFORMULA in the sheet column D, the result accepts line break and bold … but is ignoring indentations or may be I’m not providing indentations at the right place.

Below is the formula I am using in Column D:

=ARRAYFORMULA(“{b}”& A2 & “{/b}” & “{br} {b} -” & B2 & “{/b} {Br} --” & C2)

Obviously, I used < instead of { and I used > instead of } in the above formula.

Someone, please help me … I’m stuck here for 2 days …

I’m open to achieve this either by using array formula in google sheet or any alternate within glide app.

thank you :slight_smile:

I suppose this is what you want.

I followed the Markdown format to make a template column in Glide then show it in a rich text component.



Perfect! It worked.

I don’t know why it didn’t work earlier when I used - and space followed by -

Anyways, thank you so much.

By anyway, do you know how to remove a column in data manager in glide UI? There is column named TestC and when I click on that little down arrow I only see the option to edit but not delete :frowning:

This field isn’t there in the sheet.

Can you make sure that it’s not in the sheet? It should only be undeletable if it is a Sheet column.

Yeah, I do not see it in the sheet.

Now it’s gone … may be the sheet didn’t load properly

Okay, tell me if I can help more :smile: