CONCATENATE -- Just copy formula?

I’m building out an attendee directory for a conference. I’m working on giving people the ability to edit their own profile and I think I have that completed. As part of the app I have a Map View that shows where everyone is at. But because my address data is broke out into multiple fields, I am using a CONCATENATE field to create a real map-able address. I have about 50 people in the app right now and I need to add about 100 other people ( and I want them to do it. )

Is best practice to just copy the formula in that column on my spreadsheet and let Glide handle the data input? Or is there a way to CONCATENATE inside of Glide? Do I just copy the formula for 200 lines or something to be sure I have it done all of the way? Or other ideas to warn me in the future to double-check this potential issue?

Use Glides new Template column. That will do what you want no problem. Just go to the Data tab in Glide and hit that plus in the upper right.

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Thanks @George_B! That certainly was what I was looking for.

I guess the next part of that question relates to conditionals.

I also wanted to create a more “display-able” address rather than each part of the address being on a separate line with a label. It will make it more condensed, etc. I used the column template to create what I needed with some line breaks to format it like I would an envelope basically. However I have an address line 1 and an address line 2 and address line 2 isn’t used on all of the addresses. Thought on conditionally doing something in the template and only replacing the variable if data exists in that column?

For the mapping there is no need to format it with the line breaks in the template, just add the spaces between. If some piece is empty all you will end up with is maybe an extra space. I don’t think you need all the if empty logic.

Here’s how to conditionally show the address using templates and an if-then-else column. You can see that I have the data split up into different fields for address, address 2, city, state and zip.

First create a template column that joins Address and Address 2. You will need 2 spaces and the Enter key to get the Address 2 on a new line.

Next create an If-Then-Else column that will either show just Address or Address and Address 2 if Address 2 is not empty.

Next create another template column that joins the Address If-Then column to the City, State and zip. Again you will need 2 spaces before pressing Enter to create a new line.

Here is what the address looks like in a Rich Text component with Address 2 left empty.

Here it is with Address 2 filled.

It does get a little wonky if you start a line with the # symbol. I’m guessing this has to do with the # being a markdown symbol, so for whatever reason it creates an extra space.

Templates are the way to go here, but since you mentioned in your first post that you were wondering about copying formulas in the sheet, I would suggest looking into arrayformulas. They are handy if you need to use the same formula on all rows because you don’t have to drag the formula down. Also, new rows will automatically have the formula applied. You don’t need them for this situation, but in the future you may run into a situation where you need a formula on all rows that’s too advanced for Glide. It’s a good tool to know about if you ever need it. Just know that when using arrayformulas, all rows are considered filled and any new data coming from the app will be pushed to the very bottom of the sheet. In that case you will need to delete all empty rows to prevent issues. @George_B has a nice little writeup if you ever need to refer to it.