Push formatted data from Glide App to Google Sheets

Hi there,

Will I be able to perform the following function in Glide App to Google Sheets?

  1. Create columns in Google Sheets “Combine”, “Name1”, and Name2"
  2. “Name1” is “Bob”
  3. “Name2” is “Lee”
  4. Use “Hyperformula” function to concatenate “Name1” and “Name2” into “Combine” column in Glide Data Editor
  5. Update Hyperformula output “Bob Lee” from Glide Data Editor into “Combine” field in Google Sheets

I was not able to perform step 5 directly. Did I miss something?


You don’t need hyperformula for that, you can use a Template Column

To write the value back to the Google Sheet, you would need to use a Set Column Values action that takes the result of the template column and writes it to your “Combine” column.

Question: Do you actually need this value in your Google Sheet? What will it be used for?


Thanks for this! The advice works.

I need to use Glide App formulas to update Google Sheets, because I am only using Glide App to develop a prototype for myself.

The rest of the mentoring program still depends on Google Sheets data to extract out key outputs. So I don’t have a choice, but to find a way to use Glide App to update Google Sheets.

If you need the value to be in Google Sheets, then just do an arrayformula column. Put this in your header column.

={"Combined Name";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A<>"",B2:B&" "&C2:C,""))}

Assuming your Name1 and Name2 column are B and C, respectively.