Concatenate two fields for display only purposes

I have been using GlideApps for a while now and consider myself an advanced user. I find it fustrating to have to create a new column all the time for display purposes. For example, if there are two fields, “total” and the value is “10” and “company” and the value is “xyz”, and i want to display in the layout the following “The total for company XYZ is 10” i am forced to use a template column and merge everything into a new field simply to display it in layout. If this were javascript or something code related I would be able to quickly concatenate variables on the display layer without have to add new columns in the database. Anyone know of a work around? I wish we could just use + sign in the text fields and concatenate fields quickly on the fly for display only purposes.

Just curious, why is using a template column so much more work than writing code, esp on a no code platform?

Fair question, but looking to optimize and keep things simple. Instead I am doing the following:

  1. complicating my tables by moving presentation layer into the database
  2. duplicating columns across multiple tables or building new relationships and doing new lookups simply for formatting purposes
  3. spending extra time when making edits or changes locate the code, then locate the columns, then make template edits, then go back to the layout and verify if it looks ok.

I think i could go on but this was enough for me to ask the community if they know something i perhaps don’t.

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Unfortunately I do not, I only use Templates or some of the experimental columns. For example Pluralize Text is easier than creating a template. There is a Javascript column, have you tried playing around with that? Ofc its another column though…

I agree 100%

I have worked with software with similar functions and this saves a lot of time in development and avoids loading more data.

Something like this would be great:

The equals sign (=) at the beginning of the line will indicate that we are going to use dynamic values from already created columns.


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Exactly what i was thinking. Gvalero, putting you in charge of product at Glideapps :rofl:

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