How to use concatenate on Google Sheets

I know how to use a template to concatenate in the Data Editor but I need to do this in the Google Sheet so that it can be read by a on change trigger. I set up the formula in the Google Sheet but I don’t know how to make it apply to all future entries that are written to the sheet.

I have this formula in the second cell of the column:
=CONCATENATE(β€œA β€œ, F2,”(”, E2," AMMO)", K2, " BY THE ", O2, β€œ(”, N2, β€œ)”)


The easiest is something like =ARRAYFORMULA(A2:A & B2:B & C2:C)


Nice, thank you!!!

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You should make sure you delete all blank rows from your sheet so new records do not end up on line 1001 and so on,.


10-4 thanks