How to combine text from the same Column based in a value in another Column

Figuring out how to do this:

  • I have a Glide Table called Swipes
  • when a user swipes on a card, it writes a Row to the Swipes Table
  • in some cards the user can input information - e.g. if Card = ‘Project’ then show a button ‘New Idea’ and then Ideas come in… as a new row in the Swipe table, with a column value ‘Swipe Form = Idea’ (and not a Swipe)
  • in the app, a person looking at the Card can see an inline list (just as a text list)

—> I would like a button to be able to Copy to Clipboard all the comments associated with that card

  • that means effectively joining the text from:
  • card ID is the current card
  • swipe form is Idea
    – then concatenate all the values in Column 1 (my text)

A pure Joined List* pulls in everything in Column 1 - not what I am looking for.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Do you have a relation linking the card is to other similar card IDs? With a relation you should be able to pint the joined list column to that relation and only get the items that match that card.

Here is a video. I have a rel between the swipe // Card ID and the Card ID in the Cards table.
I can get a lookup working - and reference that lookup column too.
BUT in the joint list… I do not see the Card Rel column to reference.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks, @Jeff_Hager

Just for clarification, which sheet contains the text you want to join? Is it in Cards or in Swipes? You have your single relation to cards, and based on your video it seems like you are attempting to have a joined list from a column in the cards sheet. Is that correct, because as I understand your existing relation to Cards, it’s only meant to find one match, so a joined list on a single match wouldn’t make sense, because it would really only be doing the same thing as a lookup and return only a single value from a single row. If you are trying to combine text in a joined list from a column in the swipes sheet, then you need another multiple relation to link the card IDs back to itself. Then the joined list can point to that multiple relation. However, I’m still confused and wondering if you really should have this relation and joined list on the cards sheet instead of the swipes sheet.


Thanks - I got it working.

The text I needed was in Swipes (not Cards).
I needed to use a Card Rel single value in another part of the app
I realized I needed a second Card Multi Rel column with multi value, relationship within the Sheet itself
Then I could make a lookup, and then play with the output nicely.

Problem solved - and feature added. Thanks!

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Things are working! BUT when I am copying to the clipboard, the line breaks I put into the rollup (

) are copied across too.

So it is not a Glide presentation problem - but a question: is it possible to have a rollup that has a non-visible line break between the items? This is NOT for viewing in the app, note, it is so I can copy the text into an email, etc afterwards.

Thanks!![Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 19.42.35|463x500]

Use 2 spaces and a carriage return (enter key) for you joined list delimiter instead of a line break (<br>).


Genius! I did 2 space carriage return twice to give a blank line between each item. Great tip - thank you :angel:

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