Convert an array (from match multiple relation) into a single column

I’m joining two sheets with a match multiple relation and through a lookup I get the values into a new column, which then holds array values.

Unfortunately these array values can not be displayed in an inline list (e.g. in the details field).

Is there a way to convert this array into say a comma separated text field? Google sheet does not help as the lookup columns are not showing up in the sheet.

Thanks for your suggestions.

A Joined List column will do that for you.

Jeff, thank you for your tip,

unfortunately, when I try to create a new column (Joined List), the columns with the array values which I created first through the Relation or Lookup, don’t show up in the dropdown where you select the “Join the texts in:”, although they are in the same table where I want to create the new column.

Is there some other magic needed?

Are those single Relations? I mean, without Match multiple selected

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No, Single Relations work, I have a true 1: n relation, see also in my title :wink:

So you’re trying to join values in an array column?

Thank you, now it works with the joined list column.
Don’t know why it didn’t work in the first place.

I have 3 tables A, B, C and work with a m:1:n relation and obviously I mixed up some of the relations.
Now I get the values from A into C as a comma separated text value