Lookups from multiple realations

i have lookups from multiple relations how do i display them in the app

Do you mean that you have your values in an array column created by your lookup?

i mean i am looking up from multiple relations

I know but your problem is that you can’t use the values generated by your lookup (saved as an array column) or you don’t know to look for in multiple relations?

Do you have the same problem I have here?


Is it a single or multiple relation?


you can’t put an array of multiple values into a single value component. You are better off switching your relations to single, or just displaying the values you want from the relation in an inline list.

That is my point @Jeff_Hager!

In my case I don’t want to show that info in an inline list or into a single component, those values are my final goal and I want to write them to GS into a simple cell (as a list) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There is no nothing wrong or complicated with it I think.


@gvalero like @ThinhDinh mentioned in your other thread, there are probably several ways to approach that as far as how it should be treated. Do you save it as a comma delimited list (or some other type of delimiter)? Do you save it in an array of columns? Do you save it as a value per row? I have my own uses for what you are asking for as well, but at the same time as a programmer myself, I know that arrays are a completely different monster compared to single strings. I would hope that Glide is at least considering different options, but which one is the right one? It might appear simple because on the screen it looks like several values concatenated together, but in reality an array is like a mini spreadsheet table with rows and columns. Think of a relation as a 2 dimensional array with multiple rows and columns whereas a lookup is a 1 dimensional array with a single column, but multiple rows. To me it’s totally understandable why you can’t write a multiple value array to a single value component or column. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but essentially programming would have to be done to loop through each array item and concatenate it’s value to a single value string. The problem is there are literally millions of ways to concatenate the values together. Do you want any delimiters at all? Do you want a comma (,)? Do you want a pipe (|)? Could the delimiter chosen conflict with values already in the strings, like existing commas or pipes? Instead of a delimiter, do you want a space? No space? Or back to the other ideas, should they be saved in separate columns? Separate rows? It would be awesome, but personally, I don’t think it’s as cut and dried as it seems.

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@Jeff_Hager I am going to answer you in the other thread to have the info and screenshots all together, thanks for answering.

I wil be back!

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