Pulling lookup data into glide app component

Hey there! So I got a relation and look up working, however i’m struggling to pull the look up data into a component on my glide app (see attached). The “interview look up” column doesn’t appear in the list of available columns when making a new glide component. Any help or a work around here would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks in advance!

Your lookup is returning an array, which suggests that it’s probably operating through a multiple relation.

You probably want to change that to a single relation.

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Thank you! The Lookup Column (ie. “Interview Lookup”) isn’t visible as a source for the glide component. Is it possible that arrays aren’t able to be connected to components for some reason?

You can’t shove a box full of pencils into a pencil sharpener at the same time. For the same reason, you can’t use an array column of potential multiple values in a component that only accepts a single value.

Either change your relation to a single relation, or use a joined list column instead of a lookup column to get a comma delimited list of values, which is actually a single value instead of an array.


Thank you so much!!!

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That’s a good analogy.

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Hehe, randomly thought of that the other day. Seemed like a good time to use it.

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