Lookup column as a source for component

Hello, I get the User Phone number from the User sheet to another one with the lookUp column. Now I want to set a lookup column as a source for the phone component but I can’t see it in the drop-down list.
What’s wrong?

Is your relation a single or multiple relation?

Have you tried using the new user profiles feature, so you do’t have to use a relation an lookup?

My relation is multiple (I have to match many to one).
Regarding the new user profiles feature - it’s really great one but In my case, I don’t see how to use it. I need to get the phone of the user who placed the order. In order-form, I get the user’s email as a special value and after in order sheet with the user’s email relations and lookup, I get the phone of every client placed an order. Finely I want to put the phone component together with all other order information on the screen for the shop’s manager…
So I tried to indicate the lookup column as a phone source for the component but I can’t see it in the drop-down list of available columns…

A lookup for a multiple relation is going to return an array of multiple values. You can’t place a multiple value array into a single value component.