Glide Columns not available to List compontent

Hi. I’ve got a tab with a list, which is sourcing from a Google Sheet with data in Columns A:M. No problem.

I added a couple of columns in Glide Data tab and I don’t see them available in my components, as I’d expect. I think I’m overlooking something dumb.

  • Google Sheet and Glide data Tab are the same and the tab is pointed at the correct source.
  • I went as far as to break away from the correct source Sheet and re-establish it correctly to try to force it to take up all the columns.
  • The columns I added are a Relation and a Lookup - both populated with data as they should have
  • None of the DATA fields (pull-downs) in any Component on that tab has visibility to the new Lookup column.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Did you have a multiple relation?

Yes, the Relation column is a Multiple Relation. And the Lookup uses that relation to pull from another sheet. It does it correctly in the Data editor. But I can’t select that column in the Properties editor.

A lookup against a multiple relation could potentially hold thousands of values in an array. Because of this, you cannot place an array of multiple values into a component that can only hold a single value. You either need to change your relation to a single relation, add a second single relation with a lookup and use that, or create a Joined Text column that will create a joined single value delimited list as a single string of text.


Got it! And for anyone else learning from my fumbling around… it wasn’t enough to simply change the RELATION column to a single relation. I also needed to delete the LOOKUP column and re-create it. Otherwise the returned data would flash momentarily then disappear.

Thank you both, gentlemen. I’ll bring more of these as I try to master Glide. Having a ball.



Feel free to ask us if you need help :wink:

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