Data Editor population issue

Using a sheet that has data pulled in from a relationship column in the data editor with more than one look up column from the data editor. only the columns in the google sheet are coming into the components list.


Can you show us with pictures? I don’t follow.

Yes, I attaches the screen shot of what is showing in the comment editor.

Second is what is in data editor that should be available. I only shared the headers to minimize grab.

Thank you.

I’m guessing you have ‘multiple’ selected in your relation. This changes all attached lookup columns into columns that are meant to contain an array of multiple values. You can’t put multiple values into a component that can only hold one value. You need to uncheck the multiple checkbox in the relation column settings. You may or may not have to set up all of your lookups again after doing this.

I have a relationship column brining in data, and then using a look up to pull one piece of data into that column. None of those appear. I have the process working on a different sheet for another screen/component.

Yes, I get that, but is it a multiple or a single relation?

Multiple. Though I have it set up that way to manage a categories list and relationship back to that sheet. Thanks.

Lookups capable of containing multiple values will not work in components that can only contain single values. If you still need to have a multiple relation, I would recommend creating a second single relation and creating your lookup columns off of that.

Thanks, I will have to see what will work. I am brining in data where I need the more than one to return as they are locations matching back to a business.

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