Look up column not showing as an option

I have spreadsheet tabs as follows:

writers (name, bio, etc.)
articles (writer name, article title, etc.)

On the article screen I want to show the bio of the writer, so I finally was able to create a look up column and I can see that in the data, BUT it won’t let me show it in the article, the only place I can see it as an option is in title component image, which makes zero sense to me.

I read somewhere else that my relation column can’t be multiple but as soon as I make it not multiple, the bio column gets deleted, so again, it’s a loop.


It needs to be from a single relation. Not a multiple relation. It won’t allow you to put multiple values in a single value component. The image component allows for arrays, like the lookup from a multiple relation because the image component is designed to switch to a carousel when set from an array.

But it won’t let me show the bio on look up unless it’s a multi relation…catch 22.

Can you explain more what you mean by that? Why can’t you do a lookup to the Bio from a single relation? How are you trying to display it?

If I make it “single”, it tells me it has to delete the bio column that was created based on the multiple, see attached.

That’s fine because you are changing the relation type and any associated columns will be affected by that change. If Bio is just a lookup column and you aren’t using it for anything yet, then just let it delete and recreate it under the single relation. Changing the relation type means the lookup array is no longer possible and it now needs to be lookup type that can only hold a single value.

For whatever reason now that I did that, it worked. I tried 5-6 times before and it didn’t. Thanks for your support @Jeff_Hager :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:

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