Issue with Lookup

I’m having an issue getting a Lookup to show up properly. It may be because it’s a 2nd lookup column. My 2nd lookup column is showing as a Relation and not a Lookup (I have confirmed that it is a lookup).

** See last column called “Lookup Player Name”… it should be a Lookup column type and it’s showing as a Relation. Actually, so is the “Lookup Name” column — it should also be a Lookup and not a relation. Can you only have one Lookup column per sheet?

If it still functions as a Lookup, then you should be fine. I think the little icon for relation shows up on any column that has an array of multiple values. Are you expecting only one value to show in your lookup column or to have multiple values? How are you trying to use the column in your app? Is this just a cosmetic issue, or is something not working in your app?

When I try to add the Lookup values to my app, they don’t show up in my list of possible fields because they’re being seen as Relation columns and not Lookups. The first Lookup column does show up, but not the 2nd and 3rd.

I think it’s because the lookup is tied to a relation with ‘multiple’ checked. Your lookup is pulling back multiple values and I assume you are trying to add it to a single value component.

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Ooo you may be right. I guess LOOKUP won’t work for me in this case as I need to pull in multiple values.

If you are just trying to get a list of names, I would just use your relation for a compact inline list with no action selected.

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Glide currently shows the Relation icon for any computed column. Sorry about the confusion - we’ll fix this soon.

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